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Helix Ultimate Released!

Hello all, the wait is over. Let us present you the Helix Ultimate. The stable version of the most loved and the most widely used Joomla template framework ever. So tempted to use Helix Ultimate on your live sites? Now you can do this. Please welcome the stable version of Helix Ultimate. We’ve included so many exciting features to wow your site building experience every way and beyond.

We want to convey our heartfelt thanks to all of you for your patience, feedback, and inspirations through the whole journey, and forward.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither was Helix Ultimate. We spent a huge amount of time to find out what the users need, and what a robust template framework should be about. Our entire R&D team worked hard more than a year. After deciding on the features, we worked round the clock to bring it to you. And finally, we've come up with Helix Ultimate that will drive the whole Joomla community to a new direction for good. We thank you for your patience. And here we take the pleasure to present your beloved Helix Ultimate.

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